“You Know What This Place Needs?” [ -an ongoing life lesson of wanderings and wonderings.]

April 6 2016- Holey Crap.  It’s been several years since I set this blog up with the intention of compiling all of my handwritten scribbles and journal docs regarding far flung adventures and personal interest stories.  I’m tempted to leave up the “just another blog” tag, because in the past few years I’ve spent a great deal of time reading and discovering an ever increasing number of blogs, vlogs, and alt media sites that have enthralled, excited enlightened and entertained me greatly. I have felt like I have entered a huge gallery where every human being equipped with a computer and a few moments of spare time, has shared an exquisite array of creations and thoughts.  The sheer enormity of which has simultaneously inspired me, resonated with me, and even completely overwhelmed me.

So, what then is the point of my adding to the growing universe of digital writing?  It isn’t so much that I have a need to ‘join’ the miasma. A cyber mosh pit enactment.

I often find writings and shared thoughts that I am awestruck by, or think, “my god!” “They actually shared and expressed MY EXACT vision, my thoughts! my feelings! Better than I EVER could!”  But that’s never really true -is it?  It’s wonderful this medium affords me that tether to so many hearts souls and minds.  But they aren’t ever fully my 360 degree perspective or reality.  So, there’s this need to reciprocate.  Quantum physics in action as expressed by the human condition of “there not there”?  LOL

It’s a common dilemma I suppose. Driven by a motive to share insights and perspectives that I and my battle buddy husband experienced in places and times that no one else in our sphere of influence have experienced.  But it goes far deeper than a mere narcisistic compelling to tell MY story from where I stand and how I experienced it. There does seem to be an increasing need to impart something to our offspring, family and friends as we get older.  Even though I have no children of my own, I have family: nieces, nephews, and step kids and even though the list of what we would consider ‘close friends’ could be counted on less than both hands, our network of acquaintances, business associates and long distance ‘kindreds’ spans the globe.  Alas, this is the only way we communicate, in digital spaces, our human tether to life and humanity.

And I have found, over the years, that strange and wonderful conglomeration of folks who I have come to know and love, Who aren’t met in the traditional physical world, by knocking on my door, or stopping on the street or in the local shops or in my daily real life existence, but here on the net, via blogs and social media and alternative media uploads.

I am a traveler on a lonely planet. The internet gives me the cloth to weave my connection with this world and the people, places and things that share existence in this time, in this world, and in these places.  I have been at times homeless, impoverished, hungry, and fearful in ‘real’ life, yet managed to find refuge, respite, friendship and even a sense of home on the internet. Go figure!  The thing that isolates can also connect!

Although I certainly have and cherish those met “IRL”  there’s a distinct elevation and expansion and a new level to the ‘wired tribe’  that spans more dimensions, includes more topics, and often appreciates my particular brand  of a world view, that so far, I have had extreme difficulty finding in sympatico with my local friends and family residing in rural USA. Many of whom have never set out to ‘see the rest of the world’ before they pass into the next dimension that we call death.   I cannot fathom that kind of existence!  I’ve meandered with purpose all of my life.  So, that narrows the field and sphere of sympatico with local friends and associates considerably. I still cherish them -much more than ever as time goes by, and I feel obliged to somehow express that by sharing my Marco Polo kind of stories.  So many have told me that I “really should do this”.  So, there it is.

It is stated that most humans born today, no matter where they are born, a full 75-80 %  of those people existing on earth have never traveled or lived beyond a 400 mile radius from the place of their birth!  I am astounded by this idea.  I never considered myself to be unusual or eccentric in my desire to see as much of the world as I possibly could before I pass on, but, apparently I am a rare breed -according to this little factoid.  I probably need to verify that statement before I go further, but it is what compels me to write. To share my stories of my journeys. The ones I have stumbled through personally, and those that were shared with me along the way.  I must be genetically wired to do so!  I read somewhere that there is a tribe of indigenous folks who call people like me “Homo Narans” “People who walk the earth to tell stories”.   Yup. I’m liking that!  We have’t gone extinct, we just transferred to a new array of mediums!

It makes me lonely and at times puts me at odds with the day to day reality.  And I see this expanding and overtaking all of our lives and ironically seems to encapsulate us all in a strange bubble of isolation and extreme detachment as we walk through our daily lives. Yet encapsulate ourselves as we do, in various ‘bubbles’ of reality. We cocoon ourselves in our modes of transportaion.  When we drive or take a train or plane ride, we wrap ourselves in that “personal space” zone.  We connect to a radio, or a phone or andriod screen, and we form another encapsulating ‘bubble’

We find it increasingly difficult to ‘unplug’ from these tools of connection and detachment.  We have become dependent upon them, perhaps to a far too encompassing degree.  but I am fortunate to have so far been able to juggle the dualing existences between my “real physical” life and the digital ether one.  It hasnt always been so easy and I still maintain a certain wariness about how much insidious ‘tethering’ and co-dependence we all tend to form with our ‘wired kingdoms’. Ambivalence!  Just like IRL!

Well, so! This will be my maiden voyage into the realm of blogging. Of digital storytelling. Of interwebs “meandering and ruminating’.   Whats the point? I dunno yet.  but I’m keen to find out!

Namaste y’all!     Mountain Mermaid  Intro.






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